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Without Redemption (Darmon Mysteries Ebook 6), Kindle Version!

By Thomas Thorpe (Writer)



Within the spring of 1846, William and Elizabeth Darmon obtain a mysterious letter from a soldier dying on a Punjab battlefield. Quickly after, a Sikh refugee arrives at London dock pursued by a Russian agent who kills the warrior and kidnaps Elizabeth.


William trails them to India and confronts the predator excessive on Rakaposhi Mountain. Then the unthinkable occurs: Cossacks invade over the Himalayas to affix a insurgent chief in Jammu.


Inside the war-torn province, the Darmons make their method again and discover a letter from Tsar Nicholas alluding to a Russo-American settlement to remove British presence in North America by the sale of Northwest territories.


Utilizing the proceeds, the Emperor plans an invasion of the Crimea. The Darmons race throughout the Taklamakan desert, Afghanistan, and Persia underneath pursuit of Cossacks and Khiva warriors in an try and warn Abd al-Majid, Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.


Without Redemption (Darmon Mysteries Book 6)

Concerning the Writer


Thomas Thorpe writes in nineteenth century style, however has a background in space exploration. Tom avidly learn science fiction through the daybreak period of space exploration, and, after graduating from the College of California at Los Angeles, labored at Eastman Kodak (Lunar Orbiter), the Manned Spacecraft Middle and Lowell observatory earlier than touchdown on the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.


There, he skilled defining moments of the Mariner, Viking and Surveyor Mars expeditions. Subsequently, he managed the Mars International Surveyor Challenge by means of most of its ten-year operations and has revealed journal articles on the subject of Mars photometry.


Throughout these missions, be started writing historic fiction in regards to the adventures of the Darmon family and mysteries set worldwide inside the first half of the nineteenth century.


This was a turbulent time whereby many nations struggled with self-government, having simply emerged from colonialism or repressive monarchies. In America, Greece, Brazil, Canada, France, Russia and India tensions flared between royal traditionalists and younger radicals who tried to free their inhabitants from the repression of grasping landowners.

Because of this, conspiracies abounded inside governments and murders had been frequent.


Mr. Thorpe has revealed 5 historic thriller thrillers within the Darmon Mystery series. Ebook Six: Desperate Crossing, is in press at Black Rose Writing.



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