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Galactic Mission. Kindle Edition

By Sam Grant (Writer)



It’s 2110. In a complicated technological world of holograms transmitted by cellphones, meals made by a Maxi Maker, drone trays, clones and automata concierges, Quadrant is the world authorities.

However the world isn’t comfy and relationships are put below pressure.

James Walters is a gross sales supervisor for a global conglomerate, primarily based within the UK. Sooner or later he encounters Adriana – “The Empress Adriana” – from the Galactic Command Drive… oh, and ruler of planet Earth and all planets circling the solar.

Can the Galactic Command Drive, with assist from some inspiring sources, thwart planetary battle?





A overview is deliberate for later in 2017.  A seafaring journal is now reviewing Atlantic Hijack by Sam Grant. A observe up overview is due for Galactic Mission.


From the Writer


Galactic Mission is science fiction, however pertains to Atlantic Hijack in that it’s each an journey story and a journey. The journey is to Mars.


The writer, aside from coaching as a seafarer. has labored in gross sales and retail.   These experiences have been drawn on in depiction of the gross sales convention and different enterprise  elements.


The theme of different world beings developed from appearing the a part of Charles Condomine  in Blythe Spirit by Noel Coward- haunted by the ghost of Elvira.


She frequently disrupts his marriage to his second spouse.  the ghost turns into an alien being!


Madame Arcati’s  floating vase probably influenced the creation of the drone hover trays?  poems from the writer’s  anthology Poems with themed notes (2016) – Time Makers Kingdom; Captured  into their Realm; She Left; Imaginary Affair; Dimensions and Cosmic Eye are related with the writing of Galactic Mission.


Cosmic Eye particularly, opened the gate for the writer’s fictional  creation – The Galactic Command Drive. That astronauts on the far aspect of the moon recalled (2016) listening to sounds from outer area invigorated concepts additional.


Characters from historical past relate again to literature and  theatre research stage performances.  In Buenos Aires it was regulation that each movie proven in public cinemas ought to both begin with a dwell performance- often Gaucho songs and  guitar taking part in.


Maybe one or two dancers with castanets! or a dwell efficiency  break halfway. This idea was added to Galactic Mission.


The writing of the novel drew on life expertise in a broader context than the writer’s first two novels -Atlantic Hijack (2014) and Dancing on the Seashore-a romantic thriller- First revealed in 2016.


Galactic Mission Kindle Edition

Concerning the Writer


The writer enrolled in English correspondence programs while a service provider seaman. These programs have been separate from skilled sea-going research.


This curiosity continued with land primarily based faculty programs and close to to retirement he handed a Theatre Research Superior degree certificates.


A poem revealed with United Press known as Dispatch Time was an early publication-(2010).  Quite a few competitors poems have been revealed from 2010 to 2017.


Atlantic Hijack, a sea journey novel first revealed in 2014 was adopted with Dancing on the Seashore- a romantic thriller in January, 2016.


Poems with themed Notes (2016) was launched in paperback.  Galactic Mission by Sam Grant has now been published- March 24th, 2017. Sam Grant is an writer title.


Though, the writer’s newest  novel is  science fiction,  Sam  doesn’t see this as  a departure  from story telling  supposed  primarily to entertain  and curiosity readers.


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