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Golden Legend: Lost City in the Andes. Kindle Edition!

By Oscar Luis Rigiroli (Writer)



For those who love historic thrillers, this novel will reduce your breath from the start.
A 10th century saga narrates the arrival of a Viking castaway to the Mayan cities. He’s accepted as an avatar of the God Kukulkan and marries a Maya Princess.


A genetic thread hyperlinks these misty characters with a younger Mexican archaeologist and thru her with the members of an expedition set to seek out El Gran Paititi, legendary lost city of the Incas.


Myths about misplaced civilizations are recurrent in all cultures as a result of they exert an irresistible romantic attraction on the human soul. The search unfolds first within the Amazonian jungle between Peru and Brazil and within the forests of Peruvian highlands afterwards.


The expedition has attracted the attention of harmful folks led by a former Soviet intelligence officer who’re searching for Paititi by its riches to place them on the service of a world energy restoration undertaking.


Lastly, a wierd millennial group of alleged descendants of the Incas intends to expel all foreigners who pollute their sacred website which they search to protect for the day of the resurrection of the huge Empire.


All these components work together within the novel, making a local weather of sustained suspense and nervousness till the ultimate climax.



From the Writer


Dear Reader
I admire your curiosity in studying these few phrases where in I speak about mywork. It’s a good behavior to attempt to perceive what led an creator to put in writing aparticular guide, as a result of the motivations range from author to writer and from book to e-book.


As an indication of respect for the reader, in all my books I make an intensive previous investigation of the info the work refers to, significantly contemplating that many of them happen in locations typically very far aside from one another and also in varied historic durations; my books usually journey certainly through dilated stretches in time and house.
These searches are based mostly on my reminiscence, with in the massive house hold library and the huge quarry of info and knowledge current within the Web. Within the world network everyone can search however not all discover the identical … happily, since this results in an enormous variability and variety.
 Golden Legend


The plot after all comes from the creativeness and fantasy. That is crucial forme and I confess that I might by no means write a guide that I wouldn´t prefer to learn; my pursuits as a author and as a reader coincide to a big diploma.


My works usually happen in unique places and refer typically to surprising and even paradoxical info, however by no means enter the realm of the implausible and incredible. Furthermore, probably the most weird occasions are sometimes true.


Golden Legend explores a romantic feature of the human soul who’s seduced by tales of misplaced civilizations and hidden treasures covered by lush vegetation and the passage of time.


The novel is a historic thriller that produces conflicts in our current time. A suspense story that may hold you breathless till the top.


Concerning the Writer


OscarLuis Rigiroli was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina. He served as a chemicalengineer till 2005 when he began his literary profession. He writes in Spanishand interprets his books into English, and his areas of curiosity are financial system andnarrative.


To date he has printed seven books in both language, six novelsand an essay on political financial system. His works can be found in printed editionsand as e-books.


Hiswrites suspense, romance and erotica novels and books belonging to the noirgenre.  His novels often take placein unique environments and in numerous time frames.


Theconstruction of his plots and characters is invariably preceded by a thoroughinvestigation on historic moments and info.


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