Glyn Smith


Born in Yorkshire, educated in London, Glyn now lives near the Jurrasic Coast in the South West of England with his wife, son and a neurotic border collie. He has been writing for some five years. 'Sanctuary' was his debut novel which shot to #20 in UK Kindle Sales within days of being published. He has now completed the Ben Coverdale Trilogy - 'Sanctuary', 'Repercussions' and most recently 'The Reckoning. The books are a blend of mystery, suspense and romance with endearing characters and intriguing story lines. Glyn says: "When, during a period of depression, it was suggested by a friend that I should write a book, I didn't think the idea was a very good one. After all, I had been in finance for most of my working life. How could I now become a writer? But I had a go, and found that I loved writing, discovered some lovable characters, and between us 'Sanctuary' took shape and my depression almost disappeared. If you enjoy reading my books half as much as I enjoyed writing them, then I will be very happy." The combination of his love of all things French and his equal love of the English language have produced interesting glimpses of life in France within the pages of his books. His vices, if that is the right expression, are of dark chocolate, fine red wines and spicy food. "I love the sun, hate the rain; love summer, hate the winter," he says. Reviews of his writing reflect the fact that his readers find themselves drawn into his books, engage easily with his characters and find the story lines intriguing.

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