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  1. Galactic Mission Part Two was launched in October 2020. S am Grant, Author is adapting Persuasion’s Price – his mystery thriller, to a play.
    Most likely, be a Kindle edition for the play.
    Free to read posts from author Sam Grant are available at – Pont of interest, for all readers of Sam Grant Kindle.

  2. Author is presently transcribing a screen script for latest action,mystery thriller – Chilling Encounter. Description: –
    ” A cargo passenger liner bound for Lagos, Nigeria with apart cargo of gold ingots
    goes to the rescue of a coaster. This leads into a shooting and an investigation
    by the British Foreign Office to avoid an international incident.”

    Author, served aboard a ship similar to Albany Contessa depicted in the novel.
    Sam Grant maritime novels, Atlantic Hijack , River Escape and most recently Chilling Encounter, follow career exploits of a Mike Peters. Stories are all fictional, but author did serve in apprentice, and later officer capacity aboard British merchant ships.

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