–>>200 Facebook groups to Promote your Kindle Book for Free - 2.99$


200 Facebook groups: 300000 FB Book Readers, 2017 Edition.

By Maria G. Melton (Author)



$–> 200 Facebook groups to Promote your Kindle Book for Free with Bonus 100 Publishers and authors on Facebook.


Secret a Successful Promotion, Increase Book Download and more Sales, How to Get More Downloads and Sell More Copies?




**SOCIAL MEDIA BLASTING – Social media is an incredible tool with the potential to attract thousands of downloads to your free book.


There are a lot of different social platforms out there, but I am going to stick to the 1 main ones, Facebook. I have a lot of experience, and achieved great results from them.

Facebook Groups for Writing

Facebook groups: A perfect time to use Facebook groups as they still maintain a semi-personal connection. This is because although you are now trying to sell to strangers, you are posting from your personal profile.


Incredibly, some of these groups that you have access to consist of over 100,000 targeted members who can potentially see your post, and download your free eBook! (If you skimmed over this sentence re-read it! Facebook groups have great potential)


**How do you think will you sell your book to the Amazon market when almost a hundred thousand books are published every month?


Success story? My team members and I would love to hear from you!



Support group: http://bit.ly/2aGAOYQ
FB page: http://on.fb.me/1NZTscf


Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/2FDltYy

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