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The People of the Goddess (The Hawkmoon Chronicles Book 2) Kindle Edition!

By John Maher (Author)


Hawkmoon (The Hawkmoon Chronicles E book 2)



There’s a magical place within the mountains of Eire. It’s a place of energy, the place druids as soon as supplied human sacrifice. Within the time of the Great Hunger, Sarah is advised to go to Poulnafulla the place she meets a gaggle of witches. They’ve come throughout time to discover a child to switch the one misplaced in childbirth by their Queen. Confronted with the knowledge of her kid’s demise she offers her daughter to the strangers.


Sarah returns to her house and lives by way of the horror of the Irish Famine. A 12 months later she sails to America the place her Irish husband dies within the first battle of the Civil Conflict. She goes West to a land that can , at some point be referred to as New Mexico.


Seventy years later John Ryan is combating with an I.R.A Flying Column. It’s Mayday, the time when the membrane between worlds is stretched skinny, sufficient for creatures of Magic to cross between worlds. Asleep in Poulnafulla Ryan is woken by the sound of horns, The Shee are getting ready to experience into the land they as soon as claimed as their very own.. Terror stricken, he dashes from the cave solely to be trapped in a mass of Blackthorn that covers the doorway.


A wierd, unique girl rescues him. Taking him down she seals his wounds. He’s her captive held by her bodily energy and wonder. Earlier than she leaves her final phrases to him are “Be my champion”
The next day he visits Black Moll. At daybreak the home is surrounded by the Black and Tans. Moll and her husband maintain them lengthy sufficient for him to flee.


Hunted by the English he flees to Poulnafulla. Within the depths of the mountain Ryan is misplaced within the Void, a place where Time is meaningless. Harassed by demons, his only safety is a male goat.
He escapes, to search out himself in one other world.


Losing memory of his former life he rises to develop into the Murderer Hawkmoon
Sarah’s little one has grown. She is Mira; the Princess Royal. She is deeply in love. All that modifications when assassins despatched by her fathers’ spouse homicide her husband and rob her of the lifetime of her unborn little one.


Mira takes refuge together with her buddies at Witch’s’ Preserve. She leaves the fortress finally to renew her future.
Her return journey by way of the Previous Forest is harmful.. Goblins are looking. Reivers have come south. Excessive above the forest Vampire gliders are looking.


Mira is ambushed by just a little man sitting excessive in a tree with a makeshift crossbow.. Norry is an Alchemist; one of many People, intelligent with potions and cures. He could have an element on this earlier than lengthy. Days later they meet Hawkmoon, and so begins an usually strained relationship as they struggle to protect the Land from falling into everlasting darkness.



From the Writer

Hawkmoon aside the one e-book I’ve printed is a doctoral dissertation on the academic potential of pc video games. Try the College of Limerick for those who  are experiencing issues with Insomnia. I wrote an article for a peer reviewed journal on the hyperlink between Fantasy and Game Concept. That could be value a look.

From the Inside Flap

I’ve completed the second e-book (Hawkmoon. The Terror That Flies By Night). It was meant to go on Amazon on the finish of August however I’ve been requested to put in writing a movie script (Blood Moon) primarily based on the final chapters of E book three.

From the Back Cover

A land in peril from Sorcery and the approaching of Conflict. On the deadly hour an odd friendship between a  heartbroken woman, a hardened killer and a Halfpint is all that stands within the path of destruction.

About the Writer

Dr. John Maher is a researcher in Education. Now a full time author his work is impressed by the Myth and Folklore of his native Eire.
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thehawkmoonchronicles@gmail.com http://amzn.to/2c1DJ0C https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01DH15YOU

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