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Hearts Can Change in Time: A Novel of Love Lost then Found. Kindle Edition!

By Ron Hanlon (Author)


Hearts Can Change in Time: A Novel of Love Lost then Found.


Hearts Can Change in Time. An erotic journey the place irresistible characters work together in situations that twist and switch till the final sentence. Consideration to element, vivid descriptions and sexual scenes makes “Hearts” a web page turner. To see more information, a brief video and quite a few 4 and 5 star reviews go to amazon.com/author/hearts


In regards to the Writer

Ron Hanlon lives in Tulsa Oklahoma along with his spouse of 30 years. Will Rogers HS Tulsa, Oklahoma. College of Tulsa BS. Tulsa, Oklahoma. Embellished Viet Nam Struggle Vet E-5 connected to 101 Airborne. Taught Jr/Sr Excessive Faculty Punta Gorda, Florida. Nova Southeastern College MS. Labored for the Coca-Cola Co., Florida Energy and Mild and the Frisco/Burlington Northern Railroad. Proprietor /Pres. HHI 30 years. A garden and tree service. 1979 — 2010 till retired. He enjoys pictures, crusing, cruising and flying.


A Novel of Love Lost then Found: Hearts Can Change in Time


Alex Cord seems to stand, untouched, on the center of a maelstrom of success—however can his heart survive unscathed?

Hearts Can Change in Time

After inheriting his grandfather’s oil and fuel firm, the brand new millionaire plunges single-mindedly into his profession aspirations. Unwavering, Alex will sacrifice the whole lot—together with love—till Willis Oil is a multi-billion-dollar conglomerate and he can quiet down with the best lady.


Whereas love and dedication should wait, nonetheless, romance and fervour are one other story. Hearts Can Change in Time, follows Alex by his well-earned victories—each in enterprise and in romance. Every of his romantic companions agrees to Alex’s phrases of engagement, making certain that he can meet his enterprise objectives whereas satisfying each private honor and bodily ardour.


However hearts do change and, as time goes on, Alex’s no-strings-attached mandate proves a problem for his lovers. In his personal manner, by the years, Alex has beloved all of them:


Dorothy, whose spirit and sweetness captured Alex’s heart regardless of their variations . . .


Jessica, the sheltered but adventurous sorority woman . . .


Constance, whose on-again off-again relationship with one other man lastly ends underneath essentially the most dire of circumstances . . .


Dianna, Alex’s finest pal, who has been witness to her share of his conquests . . .


Becky, the gorgeous, career-minded lady who isn’t afraid to take cost of her personal future . . .


Hearts Can Change in Time. Is a whirlwind of high-flying adventures, taking the reader from the boardroom to the bed room in a romantic story that’s laced with resorts, lovely ladies and lovemaking. Love, ardour, betrayal and heartbreak intertwine on this fast-paced, intricate tapestry of feelings and punctiliously laid plans. Heart’s Can Change in Time will stick with you eternally.




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