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Natural Enemies: First Contact: 2081 (Evidence of War) Kindle Edition!

By Jerry A Young (Author)


Natural Enemies by Jerry A Young


By late within the 21st century the invention of the Gravity Drive has made faster-than-light journey potential and cheap. However as people explored the planets circling the celebs round them, they quickly found civilizations which had been worn out. At first assuming that they had destroyed themselves, they quickly made the chilling discovery that they had as an alternative been destroyed by invaders from space.


Now Earth had two selections: arm themselves for cover, or retreat to our personal planet and hope we would not be observed by these marauding aliens. Selecting the primary plan of action, defensive installations and bases had been put in in close to orbit, the moon, and all through our personal photo voltaic system. Big warships referred to as Star-Guardians had been additionally constructed.

Natural Enemies

However one Star-Guardian, named “Ambassador,” was put aside for peaceable contact. Staffed with specialists in all endeavors of human data, it’s commanded by Admiral Claude Hooker. Ought to contact with an alien race happen, it’s the job of the “Ambassador” and it is crew to first attempt to set up peaceable relations.


In 2081 a Restan ship named the “Tandew” discovers the human mining colony on Tau Ceti three. These aliens are additionally cautious of their first encounter, having additionally found the ruins on worlds they’ve explored and are available to the identical conclusion.


Will the “Ambassador” be capable to intercept this alien ship and provide peace earlier than different people assault them and begin the struggle they each worry, but count on?
And when human and Restan meet, what will likely be their reactions after they see an historical, pure enemy from the time when each preyed upon the other?




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