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SHMAGIC. Kindle Version!

By Henry Lion Oldie (Writer), Andrey Pechenezhsky (Illustrator), Oleg Korzh (Illustrator), Brett Mullenbrock (Editor), Ekaterina Kimaeva (Translator)



Shmagic is a whimsical fantasy novel that follows the brooding hero Andrea Musculus, a wizard-malefic from Rettia Kingdom, who’s pushed to analyze the disappearance of some kids from the small city of Yatritsa.


Andrea questions the brash locals, flirty witches, and resolute demon hunters who inhabit the city and surrounding forest, and he comes throughout native folks with a weak energy referred to as “shmagic.”


When a lacking baby returns on their own and talks of an odd place the place just a little woman was taking part in, Andrea’s investigation extends into one other world, the place supernatural powers threaten Yatritsa locals and Rettia alike.


However simply because the thriller of the lacking kids deepens, Andrea turns into obsessive about the “shmagic” of the native folks, unsure what it would imply for wizards like him.


Earlier than he can deal with battling the forces which are answerable for the lacking kids, he should overcome an inner battle—a wizard’s existential dilemma.
Black-white inside illustrations included.


SHMAGIC Kindle Edition


Concerning the Creator



Dmitry Gromov and Oleg Ladyzhensky are skilled Science Fiction & Fantasy co-authors from Ukraine who write their books beneath the penname “HENRY LION OLDIE”.


From 1991 to 2012 H.L. Oldie had revealed greater than 200 books (together with reprints and translations) or greater than 40 unique books (first prints); in addition to a number of anthologies.


As of at present H. L. Oldie had revealed greater than 30 novels, 10 novelettes and greater than 70 short tales.
The overall quantity of all H. L. Oldie’s books offered up by September 2012 is greater than 1.500.000 copies. H. L.


Oldie had obtained greater than 30 Russian, Ukrainian and Worldwide literary awards and prizes.
At “EuroCon-2006” International European SF & Fantasy Convention H. L. Oldie obtained a title of The Greatest European SF & Fantasy Writer of 2006 (ESFS Award):




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