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The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon: Sampler of the SylverMoon Chronicles. Kindle Version!

By G Russell Gaynor (Writer)



Journey – Anybody caught up within the tide of the unbelievable with solely their wits, their expertise, and the fates to see them by.


Fantasy – the place the world of what we all know touches upon the world we are able to solely think about. Right here the paranormal dances to its personal tune, difficult us to seek out its rhythm.


Horror – right here the evening, the unsure, the undefined, the very shadows come to life, taking maintain of our fears and weaving them right into a world of darkish marvel!


Science-Fiction – E = MC2 is just the start, it is a family time period and innovation saves the day. Be it steampunk or hyperspace. It’s the means to worlds unknown.



Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon


Q: What’s the Confederacy of the Quill?
A: We’re a bunch of artists who’ve come collectively within the title of fine storytelling.


Q: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse are supposed to signify the approaching of the tip of the world. What does the FH of the SylverMoon signify?
A: The approaching of the SylverMoon Chronicles


Q: Okay, and what are the SylverMoon Chronicles?
A: That’s the title we have given to our anthologies of serials and short tales spanning the genres of Journey, Fantasy, Horror, and Science-Fiction.


Q: Some may say that is a mash-up protecting a slightly broad subject.
A; We service a broad viewers. However all of our readers share one factor in widespread: they LOVE good tales!


Q: What’s the distinction between a serial and a short story?
A: A serial is a narrative that’s launched in sequential components. SylverMoon Chronicles has various serials which are standard with our readers.


Q: What number of editions of the chronicles are out?
A: Now we have 4 volumes printed and we can be releasing a brand new quantity each Valentine’s Day


Q: Valentine’s Day?
A: Only one thing more to like!


The Four Horsemen of the SylverMoon

Concerning the Writer


It’s a myriad of people that contribute to each murals, whatever the medium. Right here at Quicksylver Publications, we acknowledge and honor all those who got here earlier than us in addition to all those that make what we do attainable…


And for these of us right here at Quicksylver Publications, irrespective of the variety of works produced, we’re a household.


Together, we make up the Confederacy of the Quill!


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