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The Effortless Experience by Matthew Dixon|Book Review


Hello, Welcome to Promote kindle book, meet other people that publish, my name is Maria and today we’re talking about The Effortless Experience by Matthew DIxon.
This book is about conquering customer loyalty in the modern marketplace.


The first point I want to talk about, is the importance of reducing customer effort.
Now, a lot of times we try and focus on making the experience for customers incredible, when really the most important factor in developing customer loyalty is minimizing the effort on behalf of the customer.


So it’s not about wowing them with over the top gestures, it’s simply a matter of efficiently and effectively minimizing the amount of effort that a customer has to put into an interaction.


The second point is perception vs. actual effort.
Now, a lot of times we perceive that it’s a very low effort experience for the customer, however that’s not necessarily the case.


Technically an experience can be low effort for a customer, but the only actual factor that matters is how it’s perceived by the customer.


If they perceive it as a high effort process, that’s what matters and that’s how they’re going to judge your business and that’s what’s going to determine their customer loyalty.


Now, let’s go over some of the positives, negatives, and who I think should be reading this book.
One thing I like about this book is that it’s data-driven and factual.


The entire book is essentially a research case study and it’s talking about all the data that they’ve compiled over the years from their interactions with various companies and it’s data-driven and to the point.
And that’s very important and I appreciate that because it takes the opinions out of the equation.


My only negative is that this book focuses heavily on phone call interactions, how customer service is done over the phone, which I find odd because it talks about how actually a lot of the time customers prefer not having to deal with phone call interactions as a means of customer service.


The Effortless Experience by Matthew DIxon

Who should be reading this book?

Well, this book is definitely targeted towards bigger companies I think that have a lot more customer service at scale.
Where it’s difficult to really keep control over the situation of what’s going on in your customer service department.


I also think if you work for a company that provides a lot of customer service over the phone, this book would be very valuable because it will show you data that will back up ideas that you might want to implement into your business in order to develop higher quality customer loyalty.


That’s it, that’s my book review of The Effortless Experience by Matthew Dixon.
If you want to see what I talked about here in a written format, or you want more information on the author, please head over to my blog Promote kindle book.


Next week I’ll be back with another book review.
But until then, keep reading and keep learning.

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