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Drive: The Surprising Truth About What Motivates Us. Kindle Edition.

By Daniel H. Pink (Author)


Hello! My name is Maria and today we’re talking about Drive by Daniel Pink.


In this book, Pink discusses the truth behind what actually motivates us and debunks many of the myths that we perceive to be true.


The first point I really wanted to talk about is how do we reward people.


Now, in this book Daniel Pink talks about how we should focus on intrinsic rewards rather than extrinsic rewards.


And what I mean by that is that often times we try to incentivize people to work harder by paying them more or offering them some sort of bonus.


But actually in the long-term this is very dangerous and it’s correlated with lower levels of motivation and engagement at work.


So instead of that, we should try and understand what are the internal drives and motivations that the person that works with me or for me has.


What are they driven by?


And if we can develop tasks and projects around that it’s more likely that they will be able to stay engaged and motivated throughout the process.


The second point that’s very important and is related to this is, there are certain specific situations where offering incentives and extrinsic rewards are very useful.


Primarily when you have someone on a task that is very rudimentary, very basic, doesn’t require creativity, in those cases offering incentive is useful.


So if you have someone working on a project that’s very tedious, doesn’t require them to really critically analyze and think, then you should possibly consider using a carrot and stick approach, you know when you pay them more or offer them some sort of incentive.


Additionally, rewards are excellent for groups or individuals if you give them after the fact, so without telling them ahead of time that if you do this, I will give you this reward.


Simply reward them for their work afterwards.


Drive by Daniel Pink


Now, let’s go over some of the positives and who I think should be reading this book.


One thing I really like about this book is that the content is so practical and relevant to your life, regardless of what your situation is.


Understanding what actually motivates you and understanding how you can motivate other people is very important.


So I like the way the information is presented in a way that really makes you understand ok, this is how it actually applies into my real life.


Who should be reading this book?


If you’re a coach, a mentor, a parent, a teacher, this book has so much information that is relevant to your success in your role.


In terms of being able to engage and motivate people and have them perform to their highest levels.


So I think if you’re in one of those positions you can learn so much and understand how you can more effectively engage your teams and individuals.


I also think this book is excellent for anybody who wants to develop long-term self-discipline.


Because Pink talks about what it takes to develop effective goals and how you can reach them by incentivizing yourself in a healthy way that doesn’t make you susceptible to the shortcomings of short-term thinking.


That’s it, that’s my book review of Drive by Daniel Pink.


If you want to see what I talked about here in a written format, or you want more information on the author please head over to my blog


Next week I’ll be back with another book review.


But until then, keep reading and keep learning.

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