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Pre-Suasion: A Revolutionary Way to Influence and Persuade. Kindle Edition.

By Robert Cialdini (Author)


Hello, my name is Maria and today we’re talking about Presuasion by Robert Cialdini.


In this book Cialdini talks about how we can more effectively influence and persuade people through the actions we take leading up to an interaction.


I’m going to cover two quick ideas I took from this book.

So let’s get started.


The first point is the importance of how we phrase questions.


Now if I ask you. Are you happy? You naturally go through memories and start trying to find memories that coincide with the idea of you being happy.

And if I ask you, are you unhappy? You’re searching for memories that fit what I’m asking.


So it’s very important to understand that you could be easily manipulated by other people depending on how they phrase the question.


So if I’m trying to sell you something or persuade you to feel dissatisfied and more likely to be open to a new product or idea.


I’m better off asking you. Are you unhappy?
So if we’re trying to ask a question.


We’re better off asking a two-sided question and that would be how happy or unhappy are you with?

So, just by doing that we’re presenting both options.


The second point is the next-in-line effect.


Now let’s say we’re in a meeting and there’s a key person I want to impress or influence.
The worst thing I could do is to present right before or right after them. If I present right before them.


They’re going to be focused on preparing for their speech or what they’re going to say.

So they’re not going to be listening to what I’m actually saying and if I go right after them.
They’re still reflecting about what they’ve just said.


Presuasion by Robert Cialdini

What do I like about this book and who should be reading it?


One thing, I really like about this book is that all the information is very practical.
Cialdini talks about the various experiments, he’s conducted.


But he always brings it back to how it’s relevant to the person in their life, how it can help you influence and persuade people.


I also very much appreciate that Chialdini recognizes and thoroughly discusses the ethical implications of this information.


When we’re talking about persuading and influencing that can easily turn into manipulation and making people do things against their will.


So it’s very important and I appreciate that Cialdini recognizes the ethical dilemmas at times and talks about how we can use his ideas in a way that is ethically sound and beneficial for everybody.


Who should be reading this book?


Well, anybody sale or marketing should definitely be reading this book because this is very important if you’re not able to persuade and influence people.


How are you going to sell?


I also think if you want to be a more informed consumer, this is an excellent book because it’ll give you an awareness of all the information all the ways that people are trying to persuade and influence you and with that knowledge you can more effectively identify with those, those ideas and those tricks are being used on you.


That’s it, that’s my book review of Presuasion by Robert Cialdini. If you want to see what I talked about here in a written format.

Or you want more information on the author please head over to my blog


Next week I’ll be back with another book review, but until then keep reading and keep learning!

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