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Unshakeable: Your Financial Freedom Playbook. Kindle Edition.

By Tony Robbins (Author)


Hello, my name is Maria, and today we’re talking about Unshakable by Tony Robbins.

Having interviewed some of the world’s most knowledgeable minds on the subject of finance in this book Robbins shares ideas that will help you create financial freedom in an ever-changing market.


This was a very interesting book and I’d like to share two main ideas with you.


So let’s get started! The first point is to focus on the long term.


Robbins talks about how although we would love to sell our stocks when the mark is at its highest point and buy when the market is at its lowest point that’s almost impossible to time.


One of the most fascinating statistics that Robbins mentions in this book is that if your money was not in the stock market for the best trading days over the last 20 years your return on investment was 4% lower.


So what that tells us is that actually just being in the market is so important.

So if you’re able to focus on the long-term and disregard trying to time the market perfectly and just get your money into the market with a good plan then you’re bound to have success in the long term.


The second point is that investing requires mental preparation.


Now Robbins suggests that when you work with a financial advisor and you have a plan in place take notes and understand why you’re making the actual investments you are and write them down.


And the reason for that is that when the market might not be doing so well or you’re questioning your investments, you’ll have a point of reference to go back to because when the market goes down at a certain point doubt starts creeping in when the market is doing well, it’s easy to say “yeah, I’m going to stick to my plan I’m not going to be worried”, but one push comes to shove and you’re actually having to face a market that’s not doing so well it’s not so easy to stay committed to your plan unless you have a strong mental attitude towards your financial investments.


Unshakeable by Tony Robbins

What do I like about this book and who should be reading it?


Well, one thing I love about this book is that it’s more than just Robbins opinion on the subject.

He’s actually met and interviewed some of the most influential and powerful minds in the world of finance.


And what’s really interesting and I like is that a lot of the information is not something that many financial advisors.

And people in wall street would actually want you to know. It’s kind of going against them and not always criticizing but giving you information that you wouldn’t otherwise get.


So it gives you a real raw look at the investment and financial world that will help you create an unshakable foundation for yourself and not be exploited in the future by people in the industry.


Who should be reading this book?


Well, if you’re interested in finance investing and you want to increase your financial literacy this book is absolutely for you, and that’s because Robbins will give you the tools you need and break down complex ideas in a very simple and understandable way for you so it’s not a book that you need to have a lot of prerequisite knowledge on the industry.


This is a great entry level book at the same time it’s a great book for anybody who even has an understanding and wants to learn some ideas that you may not have found in other finance books.


That’s it, that’s my book review of Unshakable by Tony Robbins.

If you want to see what I talked about here in a written format, or you want more information on the author please head over to my blog www.promotekdbook.com.


Next week I’ll be back with another book review, but until then keep reading and keep learning!

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