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Hi everyone. I’m Maria and this is

Today I’m going to be doing a book review on magpie murders by Anthony Horowitz.


This is a brand new mystery release.


I was very lucky, someone at book riot had a copy that they were willing to send to someone.


I called dibs.


So I got to read it and I really enjoyed it.


So I decided to do a book review on it.


This book is basically a homage to the classic whodunit sort of detective genre out there.


In this book, there is this mystery writer named Alan Conway, I believe.


He is basically like a best-selling mystery writer.


He has a series of books featuring this detective named Atticus Pund and he has submitted like the latest manuscript for the ninth book in the series.


The editor takes it home with her over the course of a weekend to read through it.


The first chapter is her – the editor, Susan – setting up sort of the situation, talking about how reading this manuscript would basically like change everything in her life.


And then the next like 200 or so pages are you reading the mystery book.


And the mystery book is written in this very Agatha Christie esque style.


And then after you finish reading the manuscript with Susan basically, you back, you jump back to Susan’s perspective and you see sort of how things unfold from there.


Susan realizes that there’s something wrong and she sort of becomes a detective in her own life to try to figure out what the heck is going on.


Yeah, so that’s all I’m going to say about the plot.


It’s possible that there’s more details out there in the world but I feel like the less that you know going into a mystery book, the better that it always is.


Like I said, I really enjoyed this book. It is such a great companion to British detective Agatha Christie style books.


It’s very difficult to find sort of like read-a-likes for Agatha Christie.


Like if you like Agatha Christie, you should read X book.


It’s very rare to come across books that fulfill that similar style and similar sense of like quality mystery that you can sort of sink into.


But this book does it really, really well.


The story within a story in here is just like a Poirot novel.


But then like the mystery, the main mystery outside of that is also just really, really well done.


Anthony Horowitz does a really good job of creating sort of like parallels between the two stories.


But the a real-life one has more obviously realistic details and consequences and things along those lines.


But it still has like that very mystery element to it.


There’s a lot of really great plays on the genres and homages is to the genre that if you are a mystery fan, I think that you’ll really enjoy.


The way this book is set up, it’s very much grounded in sort of like our reality.


Like they talked about Agatha Christie and they talked about like JK Rowling and they talked about all of these really great mystery writers of the world.


So it makes it feel more real as a reader, at least it felt more real to me because it felt like I was just in another part of the world.


Like I was just in England enjoying this story as well.


It feels like the Atticus Pund books could have been their own like a real series here in the world.


So yeah if you’re someone who really enjoys mystery books, if you really like cozy mysteries or like straightforward British detective stories, if you really like Agatha Christie, this is definitely a book worth picking up.


I feel like you also get like two books for the price of one because there are two full mysteries happening in this story.
Yeah it was really great.


I was so engrossed in this.


I read this over the course of like two days which is very rare for me.


Especially for a book that’s like over pages long, usually it takes me a couple of days to be able to get into it.


But I started reading this I think on like Saturday morning I want to say and like I could tell immediately that I was hooked into the story and I sort of like organized my weekend so that way I could read as much as possible.


And I definitely like stayed up way past my bedtime just so I could see like how this whodunit was going to conclude.


Cause I was, like there, there was a point like on Sunday night where I was like okay I have like 100 pages left.


I’m going to put it down here because I know I’m going to stay up way too late to read this.


And then, so I decided I was going to go to bed and just read it like the next morning before work.


I went to bed and I couldn’t stop thinking about it.


So I was like, well at this point I’m not going to sleep so I might as well just keep reading it.

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz

That’s how much I liked this book.


So yeah, it’s not a perfect novel by any means.


Like the way everything wraps up, it is a little bit over the top but I also kind of liked the fact that it was over the top.


But yeah, I think again if you’re someone who really enjoys the mystery books this is a really one to pick up.


It just feels so like comforting in a way that Agatha Christie feels.


And yeah, it’s just a great, great addition to the genre.


So yeah that is Magpie Murders by Anthony Horowitz.


If you’ve read this book, definitely leave a comment down below.


I’d love to talk to other people about it.


I know a couple other people at book riot have read it and they’ve all really enjoyed it.


It’s because they were talking about it so much that I picked it up right away and I’m so glad that I did.


Also, since I’m talking about a mystery book I feel like I should a plug the new mystery podcast that I’m doing on book riot.


It’s called Read or Dead.


If you follow me on social media you probably would have seen me talking about it.


Or I think I’ve talked about on Twitter, maybe that’s it.


I should probably talk about it other places as well.


I’ll have a link to it down in the description in case you guys are interested in checking it out.


It again it’s just like mystery thriller podcast.


The first episode dropped last Friday as of when this goes live and we’d love to have you guys listen along.


If you enjoy mystery thriller books and if you’ve listened to it and you have any feedback, definitely feel free to sum that my way as well.


So yeah, that’s all I have for now and thanks for reading.



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