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Facebook has changed into a major trend for both young and old internet users. With over 300 million internet active users, it’s unquestionable that it is the most popular social media site today. This makes facebook an excellent place for companies to promote their business to check out prospective customers through having its most used businesses application and that’s ‘Fanpage’.


Fanpage is amongst the most effective business applications of Facebook which you can use by companies to succeed in their potential or targeted customers. It would be a large loss to have an online business when they don’t create and establish their unique brand page.


With Fanpage, a small business can get a great deal of benefits and here are a few of them:

Build Trust and Credibility

One from the importance of setting up a company page on Facebook could it be helps build trust and credibility of your company. Through fanpage, it lets them produce a connection with people on the personal level. This is important to earn the trust of costumers and tell them how credible a business is. However, fanpages is going hand in hand with company’s website since are both necessary to help establish a small business connection with future clients.


Easy Way to Update Fans or Customers

Another benefit of creating an admirer page would it be’s a useful way of your company to update their fans or customers. They can easily tell them what’s new on the services or products by posting a message, an image, a web link or video on their status update. They can also create discussions anything relating to company or respond around the discussion developed by customers to respond to their concerns or inquiries. They can even send messages directly to customers or clients to personally update them regarding latest promos or discounts.

Facebook Groups for Writing

Give Traffic to your Site

A large amount of Search Engine Optimization Experts using their SEO Company take full advantage of fanpages to offer referrals or traffic for their website. With the power of News Feed, an admirer who liked a specific fanpage can able to read its updates on his news feed without visiting the actual fanpage. So it’s very important to Page Admins to make an enticing title and description on their own status updates in order that fans would become interested to click and look at the link of the company’s website.


Search Engine Optimization Purposes

According to SEOmoz Blog, ‘Bing and Google have confirmed that links shared through Twitter and Facebook use a direct effect on search engine rankings. These links are evaluated based with a person or entity sharing them through a score Google Calls Author Authority and Bing calls Social Authority’. So if more credible people discuss your business on Facebook and Twitter, than the can give a positive impact on your rankings.


It’s for FREE

Creating a Fanpage is indeed easy, basic and the best of all, it’s for FREE. It only takes a few minutes to finish it. But it is recommended to update it regularly with something that may be worthwhile to fans or audience to ensure that they would adhere to be as loyal fans. There are a great deal of competitors in the commercial world, if you want to stay afloat, the other must get ahead over all others. One must create a name and Facebook fanpage may be the answer.

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