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Paradox of Oronos. Kindle Edition!

By lawrence Thorburn (Author)


“One of the best and the brightest are all lifeless. We’re what’s left over.”


The Krix, faceless, malevolent, xenophobic, evil, they attacked with wave upon wave of robotic fighters launched from distant managed ships. One civilization after one other fell to their relentless march to sterilize the galaxy. By no means as soon as did they cease to say why. Their solely message was dying and destruction to all they encountered.



In a determined final bid to stave off annihilation, the remnants of humanity joined collectively within the Grand Alliance. Reuniting with their lengthy separated cousins and aliens of the sector they engaged in a single final ditch battle. With a brand new and finicky weapon humanity made its determined final stand.

It failed.



Closely broken and adrift, the heavy service GAF Oronos stood as doubtlessly the final vestige of the human race. Thrown tons of of light-years from the scene of the ill-fated battle, Vice-Basic Yanex of Iss finds that the destiny of the whole human race rests in his unsure arms and whether or not to strike out for the New World his resolution alone. After an extended and dangerous journey again to their final embattled base, Earth, the crew of the Oronos study that they’ve been thrown a lot additional than they might’ve ever imagined.

Paradox of Oronos Kindle Edition


“The occasion on the Battle of Carmella has positioned us in an unparalleled strategic place. We now have the chance to have an effect on the end result of the following century in immeasurable phrases. The subsequent actions this ship takes might endlessly change the tide of future. Given the selection between the unknown and sure, I select the gamble of the unknown.
“We’ll defeat the Krix and make sure the survival, development, and continued greatness of our race, by no matter means are vital.”



“The target should be met,” Yanex stated with willpower. “Nothing else issues. Nothing can stand earlier than that.”
“Not even the rightful authorities?”
“Particularly not them.”



“The mission is correct, the target true,” responded Sands. “We now have to cease this battle!”
“Yanex does not wish to cease the battle!” shouted Aurora. “He needs to launch a primary strike!”



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