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The Historical Development of Japanese Investment in Malaysia (1910-2003)

AUTHOR: qbah Iqbal


Malaysia’s economic development nowadays inherited from the three previous stages, starting with the level of growth and the rapid development of industry, the natural resources of the mid-19th century until 1914, followed by periods of volatility or instability of industry natural resources between the First and the Second World War and finally, the level of industry consolidation and rationalization of natural resources together with the diversification of the economy after 1945.


Although Malaysia is a former British colony, the importance of the
Japanese economy have contributed to the change in the foreign policy of Pro-Western Policy during the colonial and post-colonial to the Look East Policy during the administration of Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad. The objective of this book is collect the author publishing articles with supervisors about Japanese investment in Malaysia during the period of study to help readers scour the economic interests of Japan with more accurate and easier in one book.


This book also aims to add a collection of readings on Malaysia-Japan relations. This book is suitable to be read by those interested in understanding the relationship between Malaysia and Japan, East Asia lecturers, East Asian thinkers, those involved economic relations with Japan, the university students of various schools and to the general reader in society. For articles published in Malay, the author change it became English in accordance with the publication of this book in English. For articles which use footnotes reference system, the author change it becomes a text reference in accordance with the publication of this book for the public reading.

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Dr. Uqbah bin Dr. Muhammad Iqbal is a Researcher at the National University of Malaysia. He’s authoring 20 books and 52 ebooks. His papers appeared in 23 journals. He’s joining the editorial board of 52 journals.




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