We Were Soldiers Too: Volume 3 by Bob Kern - $2.99


We Have been Troopers Too: The Unknown Battle to Defend the Demilitarized Zone In opposition to North Korea Through the Cold War. Kindle Version!



Ebook three of three in We Have been Troopers Too (three Ebook Collection)

By Bob Kern (Writer), Brian Hawkins (Editor)



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The Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) separates North and South Korea and is probably the most defended border on the earth


Either side have dug their heels in and fortified the DMZ with defensive positions, mines and booby traps, missiles, and troopers as they continue to be vigilant for the recommencement of a battle that by no means ended.

We Were Soldiers Too




The troopers have been accountable for imposing the armistice settlement that ended the Korean War. The North Koreans violated it nearly each day sending spies, marauders, hit squads, and ambush patrols into the southern managed portion of the DMZ of their endless effort to destabilize South Korea and trigger its collapse.


Their blatant violations of the settlement has left a bloody path of lifeless our bodies that features many American troopers. This e-book takes the reader on a journey by means of the historical past of the Cold War and the protection of the DMZ from the angle of 9 American veterans, and eleven excursions, who served in numerous capacities in South Korea from 1962 by means of 1991.



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